The Big Tree of Canlaon City

December 01, 2010 Travel

This is listed as an important tree for its historical, national, locational, natural or mythological value. This tree is located inside OISCA Farm and estimated to be more than 1,300 years old by botanists from Siliman University.

They say it takes 42 men to encircle the tree and fireflies light this tree at night. This is slightly smaller as compared to the pride of Maria Aurora, which measures 60 men.

After our Mt. Kanlaon climb, we paid homage to this great Banyan tree, located in Canlaon City. There is a picture of this tree in F&C Lodge where we stayed, so we asked around for directions on how to get there. 

We each took a habal-habal to the site of the big tree. We didn't think it was that far from the lodge but it was a cool ride, allowing us again a peak at Mt. Kanlaon and some of the barangays surrounding it.

The trail leading to it is lined also with trees, which also makes a picture perfect spot, reminiscent of that Korean telenovela. Too bad we didn't have a bike.

There is an ostrich farm and a dam near this place, which are also good side trips. Habal2 costs Php 50.00 per pax from the town proper.

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