About Me

Mt. Talinis
Kelly is a public relations professional and entrepreneur, currently holding roles as a partner-consultant at RubyComm-K.Austria and communication manager at Delivering Asia. Her impactful projects have played a crucial role in assisting multinational organizations, small and medium enterprises, government officers, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations. Beyond her professional endeavors, Kelly actively engages in philanthropy as the co-founder of TREK (Trails to Empower Kids). Fueled by her passion for mountaineering, she and her friends traverse challenging terrains to provide hope and support to students in remote areas, underscoring her steadfast commitment to community empowerment and social initiatives. Kelly documents her travels, including voluntourism works, on damngoodtravels.com, showcasing her dedication to sharing meaningful experiences and inspiring others to contribute to positive change. Additionally, she serves as a speaker, leveraging her expertise to impart knowledge and insights in various forums.