Monte Cueva de la Virgen Shrine: A Heavenly Retreat for Spiritual Reflection

February 28, 2011 Travel

I recently visited Maasin City to represent a group promoting Quarant'Ore, a movement advocating 40-hour vigils in front of the Holy Eucharist, encouraging people to return to prayers 25 years after EDSA.

After a 4-hour journey from Tacloban City, we arrived in Maasin City around 10 AM. With some time before the Quarant'Ore closing ceremonies, our host, Fr. Garnette Quirong, invited us to explore the Monte Cueva de la Virgen Shrine.

It is situated on the hills of Barangay Rizal and the jump-off point is less than a 15-minute ride from the town plaza. From there, pilgrims ascend approximately 400 steps to reach a small cave known as the Shrine of the Precious Blood.

The Welcome Arch

Mama Mary welcomes pilgrims.

Pilgrims ascend concrete stairs, each step leading to the top of the hill. Along the way, at each landing, there are statues commemorating the Stations of the Cross, creating a reflective journey for those making the pilgrimage.

The Stations of the cross

After the station of the cross, pilgrims will see the entrance to the cave.

The cave at Monte Cueva de la Virgen Shrine feels like stepping into a sanctuary close to heaven. The serene atmosphere, combined with the natural light streaming through the cave's hole, creates an ambiance that is perfect for prayers and reflections. 

The peaceful surroundings invite a deep connection with the divine, allowing for moments of solitude and communion with the presence of God.

Masses are being held here regularly for pilgrims.

Pilgrims collect water from these sources, believed to hold miraculous properties.

Following prayers inside the cave, pilgrims have the option to visit the canteen, offering souvenir shirts and refreshments, before proceeding to the statue of the Pieta.

Situated in front of the Pieta is the natural hole in the cave, allowing for stunning natural lighting that enhances the cave's interior.

From inside the cave, fixtures shaped like three drops of blood from the dead Christ drop from the hole.

At the hill's summit, you'll find the newly constructed view deck featuring the statue of Mama Mary. This elevated platform offers a panoramic view of Maasin City.

How to get there?

To reach Monte Cueva de la Virgen Shrine, simply take a tricycle from the city center of Maasin City to Brgy. Rizal. Inform the tricycle drivers that you wish to go to Monte Cueva.

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