Perfect Farewell: A Wonderful Camping Summer at Burot Beach

June 25, 2013 Beach Camping

While enjoying vacation comforts like air conditioning, cable TV, and room service is great, there's nothing like being lulled to sleep by the sound of waves, under a blanket of stars, and being caressed by the gentle cool ocean breeze

My perfect farewell to the summer of 2013 involved camping at the beach with good friends from Outdoor Addicts, who were celebrating their 14th year as one of the most respected mountaineering groups in the country. It was a double celebration, as it also marked the 2nd year of Markyfest, a tribute to our departed comrade and good friend, Chef Marky Bagares.

The festivities took place at Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas.

More than a hundred people showed up to party with the group, a testament to how beloved they are in the mountaineering community.

Getting to Burot Beach

We left Manila on Friday evening, brimming with excitement. We plugged Calatagan into our phone's GPS and followed the directions until we reached the town proper. At that point, we decided to ask for further guidance. It was almost midnight when we found the beach entrance. Faced with uncertainty, we called our friends for instructions. Fortunately, the group's advance party was still awake, already immersed in the celebration (meaning, they had started drinking). We pitched our tents before joining the socials. I think it was almost sunrise when we finally hit the sack, which was a bit late since, hours later, more guests started arriving. But that was fine; we were there to celebrate.

Burot Beach

I usually travel far for quiet nights and peaceful mornings.

Burot Beach is an undeveloped paradise – no bars, restaurants, or rooms. The only creature comforts available are a mini-store and comfort rooms. So, most who come here are truly into roughing it out.

It is a private beach, once owned by the Elizaldes and now under the ownership of the SM Group of Companies. Despite that, it remains open to the public, with an admission fee of Php 130.00. The area is secure and very safe for campers.

The beach boasts wide shores, clear waters, and soft sands, although not as white as Boracay or as fine as Calaguas.

For a perfect picture and sunset viewing, we walked to the mangroves.

Wonderful Summer

This beach had everything I needed – fantastic music, delectable meals, overflowing drinks, and delightful company. It effortlessly reinforced my belief that life can be perfect.

So, I can confidently say, it was an extraordinary way to bid farewell to summer.

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