Finding Steve: Unveiling the Culinary Heartbeat of Steve's Cafe and Cuisine

July 27, 2013 ASEAN Backpacking

In Bangkok, it was raining a lot when we decided to find Steve. After a tiring day exploring Chatuchak Market for good finds, we thought having a quick dinner near our hotel was a better idea. We remembered the same month last year when we explored the area and discovered some great food options.

As the downpour subsided, our friend Mervin persuaded everyone to stick to the itinerary and head to Steve's. Dividing into groups, we hailed taxi cabs. However, aside from avoiding expensive rates, the challenge was to locate the restaurant.

Our group was the first to depart.

Upon our arrival, it started drizzling. Unsure about the restaurant's location, we noticed a group of men enjoying drinks and approached them for directions since there was no one else around. They pointed towards the temples.

Navigating from the rear of Wat Devarajkoonchon, we strolled down an alley that eventually led us to a dead end. Retracing our steps, we decided to explore another road. Winding through a narrow path, we unexpectedly arrived at a spot overlooking the Chao Phraya River.

And there, against all odds, we found Steve.

Warmly greeted by Steve, we stepped into his restaurant.

Before talking about the delicious food, it's important to mention that the online pictures didn't really show how charming this restaurant is in an old riverside house. Even though the staff suggested moving to the air-conditioned part, we chose to sit outside with a clear view of the Chao Phraya River. It was a great choice. The lights shimmered on the water, and a nice breeze made the atmosphere even nicer.

The ambiance was incredibly homely, to the point where we were encouraged to kick off our shoes and truly unwind.

We decided to hold off on placing our orders until our friends arrived, as they too were navigating the maze and had gotten a bit lost.  

While waiting, we looked through Steve's menu of tasty Thai dishes. After checking different apps and online suggestions, I picked a dish with good reviews.

I really liked what I chose. I enjoy salted eggs, and I've started eating meat again, so the dish with bacon was a pleasant surprise.

Steve seemed a bit reserved, but he was always there to help. He smiled when I praised his restaurant's charm. As we had dinner, he found a comfy spot on a sofa and enjoyed his wine.

My friends also enjoyed their meals and shared bites of their dishes with me.

Steve's Cafe and Cuisine has a touching story. The husband-and-wife team, Pat Kutagapun and Steve R., started this restaurant with a special goal. They wanted to secure a future for their youngest son, who has hearing challenges. To provide him a stable income source, they opened the restaurant. Passionate about food, the couple got inspiration from Khun Pat's mother, who is an experienced chef. 

Our search for Steve turned into a delightful discovery as we learned about their heartwarming journey at Steve's Cafe and Cuisine.

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