Finding Steve

July 27, 2013 ASEAN Backpacking

It was raining hard in Bangkok when we decided to look for Steve.  We had a tiring day scouring Chatuchak Market for cheap finds. What we thought we just wanted was a quick dinner near our hotel. We had a few nearby restos in mind. Same month last year, we were at that hotel and we were able to explore the area for good food.

The downpour stopped and our friend Mervin convinced everyone that we had to stick to our itinerary and go to Steve. 

So, we divided into groups and hailed taxi cabs. The next problem, aside from getting a taxi that doesn't impose expensive rates, was finding the restaurant. 

We were the first group to leave. 

When the taxi dropped us off, it was already drizzling. We didn't know where to go. There was a group of men drinking and we decided to ask them for directions.  There was nobody else there. 

They pointed us to the temples.

From the back of Wat Devarajkoonchon, we walked on an alley, which led us to a dead end.  We turned around then tried the other road. We walked through a narrow path then landed on this place facing the Chao Praya river.

That's where we found Steve.

With warm greetings, Steve welcomed us to his restaurant.  

First, let me say the photo we saw online didn't do justice to this lovely restaurant.  It used to be an old riverside house. We decided to stay at the al fresco area despite recommendations from the crew to move to the air conditioned area.  We wanted to have an unobstructed view of the Chao Praya River. It was a lovely time. The lights reflected on the river. The breeze was cool.

The place is very homey. We were even asked to take off our shoes so we can relax.

We waited for our friends to arrive before we ordered. They too were lost.  

We spent the waiting time looking at Steve's delightful selection of Thai food. I settled on what was recommended in various apps and online sites.

I was not disappointed with my choice. I have always liked salted eggs.  Bacon is new again to me as I just started eating meat again.

Steve seemed quiet but he was always nearby, ready to assist.  He just smiled when I said he has a lovely restaurant. Midway into our dinner, he settled on a sofa and started sipping his wine. 

My friends were all happy with their meals and they gladly shared.

Steve's Cafe and Cuisine actually has a lovely story.  The couple, Pat Kutagapun and Steve R., decided to establish the restaurant for their youngest son who has a hearing problem.  They figured he could operate the restaurant and have a stable source of income.  

They are both foodies and Khun Pat's mom has a rich experience being a chef.  

I am so glad they decided to share their food and we decided to find Steve.

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