The Lady of the Lake lets you cruise Taal Lake

February 15, 2016 Travel

Here is a better way to experience the island with a lake that has another island that, in turn, has its own lake.

Lima Park Hotel has recently introduced a 30-seater lake cruiser that will regularly navigate Taal Lake, providing a superior perspective compared to merely observing this attraction from its various vantage points.

I had the opportunity to experience this cruise last month while covering the Lima Park Hotel 2016 Philippine Hobie National Championship at Taal Lake Yacht Club.

After witnessing the race's start, we boarded The Lady of the Lake. This departure point was different from the usual Taal Lake cruise, which typically starts in the town of Balete.

Although the weather conditions weren't favorable for the participants in the Hobie Challenge, it worked in our favor. The wind was just perfect for a leisurely cruise.

The 60-minute sightseeing tour provided us with close-up views of Binintiang Malaki, the cinder cone visible from Tagaytay City often mistaken as Taal Volcano, and other scenic spots on the lake like Napayong, Pira-Piraso, Bubuin, and Binintiang Munti.

What truly captivated me was the multitude of migratory herons and egrets that found refuge on the islands.

We were also treated to a breathtaking vista of Mt. Maculot and the Tagaytay Ridge. Having visited both locations numerous times, I have amassed a wealth of cherished memories from these picturesque spots.

It marked the closest I've ever been to Volcano Island, the Philippines' second most active volcano, boasting 33 recorded eruptions and ranking among the world's lowest volcanoes.

For those eager to experience this delightful cruise, contact Lima Park Hotel at (043) 981-1555 or (0917) 504-2385.

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