Experience Batangas up in the air, on water, and on land!

December 18, 2019 Travel

Where in the world will you find an island within a lake, situated on an island that's also in a lake in an island?  

From the tiny island of Vulcan Point, which is the world’s largest island and volcano in a lake, to the Crater Lake inside Volcano Island, located in Taal Lake within the island of Luzon, magic and marvel await every adventurous spirit. And Batangas Lakelands presents new ways of experiencing all of these, byair, on the lake, or on land.  

So, if you are looking for a weekend that is adventure-filled, awe-inspiring, and absolutely Instagram-worthy, Batangas Lakelands got you covered. 

My client, Lima Park Hotel, recently unveiled this three-pronged adventure, especially for today's adventurous travellers. 

Sky adventures
Drones are way too 2019! To capture that next trending Taal Lake and Volcano shots, why not take a helicopter tour at Batangas Lakelands?

The Amore Skies helitour takes off from the multi-awarded Lima Park Hotel, Batangasfirst and only 4-star hotel as rated by the Department of Tourism. On board the Bell 505 helicopter, you will be taken on a 15-minute ride that will give you a breathtaking view of the vast Batangas Lakelands, pass over Taal Lake, and show you the pristine shores of the lake and the province’s lush greens. 
Photo from Batangas LakeLands
The highlight of the experience is a new vista of Taal Lake where anyone can't help but wonder how a violent eruption hundreds of thousands of years ago an create a captivating sight. Definitely, the view is something no drone shot will ever match.

Lake cruises and activities 

Batangas Lakelands’ Amore Lake Cruises takes you on a tour around the lake in style. You can choose from two vessel options: the 24-seater Lady of the Lake or the18-seater Queen Fisher. Both can take you on a relaxing cruise around the lake and show you the islands up close, while educating you on the history of the lake and surrounding municipalities. If you get lucky, you might be welcomed by flocks of migratory birds that also find respite at Taal Lake.  

Not to be missed is the cruising during sunset, which showcases the bright orange hues of the sky created by the splendor of the setting sun with Taal Volcano in the foreground.  

A popular cruise destination is the Manakah, where guests can do a short uphill climb and be rewarded with a spectacular lake vista, a lot different from the familiar view of the volcano as seen from Tagaytay. Manakah also offers amenities reminiscent of an unhurried life like tropical huts, a tree house, and swings hanging from high branches.

Aside from the cruises, you can also enjoy different types of wateractivities at certain spots on the lake. Choose from kayaking, dragon boat, water cycling, paddle board yoga, and paddle board training.


For those who are anxious about air or water activities, there are equally fun and exciting experiences to discover on land as well.   

On board the festive Amore Bus, visit the Marian Orchard, a prayer park tucked in the hillside community of Balete. Built in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, this sanctuary boasts of beautiful landscapes and religious sites that are perfect to live out faith, reconnect with inner stirrings, and recharge. 

Photo by Ayan Villafuerte
Photo by Ayan Villafuerte
Some of the park’s highlights are the Sacred Heart Chapel and Tower; the Dome of Mary Mediatrix; the Rosarium; and the Marian Plaza with the Chimes of Mary, composed of 14 bronze-cast bells set from the Netherlands. 

The bus will also take you to Amore Point, a quaint lakeside property that is perfect for viewing the sunset and lounging with family and friends. 

Take your weekend adventure now!

Book your Batangas Lakelands weekend adventure by getting in touch through (0917) 8527735, (02) 7629465, or email tours@lakelands.com.ph. Know more about Batangas Lakelands by visiting www.batangaslakelands.ph.

Batangas Lakelands is your all-year round, all-week-long, 24/7 vacation capital and active lifestyle recreational destination south of Metro Manila. 

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