Celebrating at Pet-friendly and Dog-approved Crusoe Cabins

July 08, 2023 Travel

 For the past three years, we’ve been celebrating our dog Aeon’s birthday at home. This year, I promised we would celebrate her 9th at the beach, as we did during her past birthdays.  

But last April 19, during her birthday, I had to undergo surgery. It was sad enough that we couldn’t go to the beach, but she also had to have her birthday without me. So, I promised her that as soon as I could, we would go to the beach.


Last June 19, exactly two months after my surgery and Aeon’s birthday, we went to the beach. And it was timely because we did not only celebrate Aeon’s birthday and my recovery, but also had our niece, who was vacationing from Canada.

We went to Crusoe Cabins in Calatagan, Batangas, and I think my painstaking research and planning paid off as everyone had a pawesome vacation. 


I had a lot of considerations for this trip. Of course, it had to be pet-friendly. It also had to be senior-citizen-friendly. The beach had to have white sand. Our accommodation had to be really nice, and I wanted good food. We got it all at Crusoe Cabins. I found this resort online and saw some friends posted positive feedback, so I decided on Crusoe Cabins.


We booked our vacation via the Crusoe Cabins booking site (https://crusoecabins.millennial-resorts.com/) and availed of an ongoing promotion. We paid 9,600 pesos, tax inclusive, for a garden cabin. The fee included overnight accommodation and breakfast for two, food and beverage credits worth 1,500 pesos, access to Aquaria Water Park, WiFi access, and parking. 


We left Manila at 6:30 a.m. and traveled for less than four hours, including our stop-over in the city of Tagaytay for breakfast. 


Upon arrival, we were greeted by very friendly staff who processed our check-in. We paid 1,500 per additional pax and 1,500 per pet. Aside from Aeon, we brought Popcorn, my sister’s dog. By the way, only pets 20 lbs. or lower are allowed. We also paid a minimal environmental fee. 

After settling all fees and leaving my ID in lieu of a deposit, we proceeded to a cabana where we waited until our cabin was ready. 


While waiting, we walked around the resort. It was massive.


Crusoe Cabins is just one of the features of a 15-hectare development called Calatagan South Beach or CASOBE. There are two lodgings available there, managed by Millennial Resorts. 


Crusoe Cabins, where we were booked, uses upcycled container vans. Each cabin has a bedroom, living area, ensuite bathroom, and a porch spanning the entire length of the container van. 


We chose the family cabin, which comes with a queen-sized bed and a double-deck bed. The other option is a barkada cabin, which comes with two double-deck beds. Both can accommodate up to five guests.


Crusoe Cabins exudes a rustic-inspired vibe, and the veranda seats made of native materials complement it. The interior of the cabin offers a more modern feel. It comes with a minibar, flat-screen TV, and safety deposit box. 

Those are usual though. But what is cool about Crusoe Cabins is that instead of welcome drinks, we got a pint of Carmen’s Best Ice Cream. We also had a bike available to us, and our dogs got toys and treats. 


The other place where guests can stay is Cocoons, which is like a glamping experience. This one uses concrete drainage pipes converted into air-conditioned pods.

Props to the developers for their focus on sustainability and concern for the environment, which are apparent in their design and the signs around the resort. 


Anyway, we decided to chill for a while inside the cabin, as in literally chill, because it was scorching hot outside. 


Around 4 p.m., we decided to hang out at the Swing Bar, a cool circular bar at the beach that has wooden swings around as seats and that serves cocktails and hard drinks. 


After that, while my sister and niece tried the slide of Aquaria Water Park, also a part of CASOBE, I decided to walk on the beach and watch the sunset. Aside from its turquoise waters and sandy beaches, CASOBE also boasts of its sunset view.



For dinner, we ate at Captain Barbozza, one of six Food and Beverage outlets. I loved my pasta and chicken wings. Their pizza was just okay. We also decided to have our breakfast there. 

For lunch the following day, after we checked out, we tried The Sands' grilled platter. They all have huge servings, so we always had take-outs. 


They also have two food trucks — one serving Japanese food — and a coffee place, also at the beach, which also serves food. We were not able to try these but it is something we can reserve for future stays, like those beachfront cabins. 


What our dogs loved was the massive space for them to run and explore. It was fun watching the two enjoy the sea breeze, sniff their way through the resort, and play with each other. 


Dogs should be leashed inside the complex and needless to say, fur parents should pick up after their babies.


Aeon and Popcorn tried the glass kayak too. At first, they both looked terrified but they enjoyed later. I paid 500 pesos for 30 minutes. 


Aeon had spent most her days during the pandemic indoor and this is only her second trip to the beach since the pandemic. So, this trip was good for her. 

Aeon had a happy barkday. I am overjoyed I marked this chapter in my life with this family getaway. And my niece had this beach outing to add to her Philippine vacation memories.

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