A Coffee Story: Connecting Over Cups with BACOFA in Davao del Sur

December 29, 2023 Travel

I savor quiet coffee breaks. And I love exploring coffee shops, especially ones with great coffee and beautiful views.

Yet, in Davao del Sur, a coffee moment went beyond the usual. It wasn't just about the view or the comforting aroma; it was about connecting with the hands that carefully cultivated the beans.


Under the watchful gaze of Mt. Apo, I enjoyed a lovely morning with the hardworking farmers of Balutakay Coffee Farmers Association, also known as BACOFA Coop.


It was the third day of our 6-day tour in Davao del Sur, arranged by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines and the Davao del Sur Tourism Development and Promotions Office. 

On that day, we made a delightful discovery: Davao del Sur is home to some of the finest coffees in the country.


During our visit, we savored more than just cups of their fragrant Arabica specialty coffee; we were also treated to the captivating stories behind this coffee culture and gained insights into the world of coffee. Mr. Jon Gonzales, the cooperative head, generously shared their tales.


BACOFA's primary mission is to uplift the livelihoods of small coffee farmers by granting access to improved markets, training programs, and essential resources. Through strategic partnerships with government and private organizations, the cooperative has been able to provide crucial support to its members.


A testament to their dedication, BACOFA has consistently earned recognition in the Philippine Coffee Quality Competition, securing accolades for their high-quality coffee year after year. 

In addition to their achievements, they have successfully established regular buyers for their coffee from various parts of the Philippines, including Davao City and Manila. Their growth is also evident in the increase of their membership.


While there was a plan to visit coffee farms, the recent rainfall left the steep trails more slippery, prompting us to forego the adventure. However, even from our vantage point, we were treated to a breathtaking view of expansive coffee farms. 


They plant up to a height of 1,700 meters above sea level, which allows them to deliver only the highest quality single-origin Arabica coffee for all coffee-drinkers.


Cheers to the farmers of BACOFA, whose dedication and love for their craft continue to elevate the coffee experience for us all.


For those who want to connect with BACOFA, their website is https://bacofacoffee.wordpress.com or contact them at +639085905150. 

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