Organic Wonders: An Afternoon at Lao Integrated Farm

December 29, 2023 Travel

As a participant in the Domestic Tourism Invitational Program, I had the opportunity to explore agricultural marvels and organic wonders at Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. in Bansalan, Davao del Sur. 

Our visit went beyond a typical farm tour; it provided a glimpse into the future of sustainable farming and healthy living. From a festive welcome dance to savoring organic delights, the experience at Lao Integrated Farm immersed us in the transformative world of organic agriculture.

The tour began with a vibrant welcome dance, setting the tone for an adventure beyond conventional farming experiences. We were then welcomed with a refreshing tea made from turmeric and ternatea, sweetened with organic coconut sugar. It was a taste of the farm's commitment to organic and natural goodness.


A comprehensive briefing followed, unveiling the story of Lao Integrated Farms, Inc. 

This dynamic social enterprise is led by visionary founder Mr. Benjamin Lao, renowned as a Farmer Scientist in the Philippines. He transformed Lao Integrated Farms from a humble goat farm into a global exporter of 100% organic products.


More than a business, it's a mission. Beyond producing high-quality organic goods, the farm serves as a hub for learning and innovation in organic farming, aiming to change mindsets, promote healthy living, and revolutionize sustainable manufacturing.


It also isn't just a workplace; it's a community. The Bagobo community within the farm, comprising adults as staff and children as "scholars of the farm," embodies Lao Integrated Farms' commitment to community development and nurturing the next generation of eco-conscious individuals.


During the tour, we discovered diverse plant species thriving in harmony, various sustainable farming practices, and encountered different farm animals. 

Peanut Butter Fruit tasted like peanut butter

It also showcased unique produce, including the Peanut Butter fruit, which is a taste revelation.

Our guide showing as a natural insect attractant


Snack time showcased a banquet of organic treats—turmeric tea, roselle tea, pizza, ice cream, and buko pie—all sourced from the farm's organic produce. The delightful experience was further enhanced by traditional dance performances.


The tour concluded with a walk in its arboretum, a personal highlight. 



To wrap up, a tour of Lao Integrated Farm offers an enriching experience that goes beyond traditional farming —an invitation to witness innovation, sustainability, and a celebration of the organic way of life.


A noteworthy aspect to consider is that, although the farm does provide some unique flavors, there is significant potential for additional exploration to enhance its taste and elevate its presentation. Seizing the farm-to-table trend, particularly in Davao del Sur, presents a significant opportunity, particularly considering the region's relative lack of highly distinctive local cuisines.


My gratitude to the Davao Del Sur Tourism Development and Promotions Office and the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines for including Lao Integrated Farm in our tour.


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