Pick, Taste, Love: A Berry-Picking Odyssey in Davao del Sur

December 30, 2023 Travel

Our journey through the highlands of Davao del Sur proved to be the ultimate retreat above the clouds.  

I was part of a 6-day exploration meticulously curated by the Tourism Promotions Board and the Davao del Sur Tourism Development and Promotions Office.


On our 5th day, we had already experienced an immersive blend of nature's embrace, thrilling adventures, savory delights from diverse restaurants, explorations of quaint coffee shops, and connections with vibrant communities. I thought nothing could top that, yet The Berries Farm Cabin and Restaurant effortlessly did so.


Our visit began with a tasty lunch at The Berries Farm Cabin & Restaurant in the scenic Bansalan.


Upon our arrival at the restaurant, I was captivated by its cozy layout, stunning view, and immediately drawn to its mountain ledge, where I captured a few photos and videos.


Our lunch started with the freshest mulberries, raspberries, and strawberries, setting the stage for a culinary journey. Berries shared the spotlight with ever-popular nachos, vibrant salads, grilled chicken, and mixed seafood.


Soon after, we had our berry-picking adventure.


With baskets in hand, we gracefully navigated the berry fields. The act of picking berries became a serene and almost meditative activity.


The enchantment deepened as the berry fields were cloaked in the foggy embrace of cold weather, adding an extra layer of magic to the already picturesque surroundings.


Picking a variety of berries—strawberries, mulberries, and raspberries—proved to be nothing short of delightful. Despite the sign advising to weigh the produce before consumption, the temptation was too strong to resist.

Curious about the local varieties, I asked the owner accompanying us. I was particularly interested in indigenous varieties like the sampinit or Philippine wild berry. He gleefully shared that he has been cultivating them. 


I was delighted to discover that they also offer the berries I first experienced on Mt. Apo.


It brought back fond memories, reminiscent of my initial encounter amidst the boulders of the majestic mountain. The flavor, with its perfect blend of sweetness and tartness, stood as a testament to the region's rich soil and favorable climate.


Beyond the simple act of picking berries, the entire experience evolved into a celebration of nature's bounty and the joy derived from engaging with it. I couldn't help but reflect on the gratitude I felt for the travel organizers who made this unique experience possible. 


I love how the Tourism Promotions Board makes our travels more than just sightseeing. They always focus on letting us experience the local culture, flavors, and hidden gems, making our trips truly special.


I can't wait to go back to The Berries Farm for a longer stay, maybe during blueberry season. I'm eager to enjoy the stunning views of the green slopes, just like the ones shared on social media. The fog covered them when we visited, which was also awesome. 


The Berries Farm Cabin and Restaurant offer A-Frame Cabin accommodations with a sunken fire pit and a mini infinity pool, as mentioned on their social media. They boast 'A Breathtaking View and a Cold Weather,' featuring a generous deck overlooking the mountains and city lights—a perfect spot for coffee. They also have a cozy cabin for two.


If you're interested in visiting, you can contact The Berries Farm at theberriesfarm@gmail.com or send a direct message on FB: The Berries Farm Café & Resto, IG: theberriescabinsandresto.

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