Meeting the B'laans. Grape Picking. Basking in Nature. Exceptional Morning at Humbled by Nature Farm

January 01, 2024 Travel

Our morning at Humbled By Nature Farm was nothing short of splendid. From the cultural richness of meeting the B'laan Tribe to the hands-on experience of grape picking and the overall immersion in nature, every element contributed to a memorable visit. 

We were there as part of the 6-day Domestic Tourism Invitational Program organized by the Tourism Promotions Board and the Davao del Sur Tourism Development and Promotions Office, which showcased the best offerings of Davao del Sur.


Walking into the farm felt like entering paradise—a vast green haven inviting us to explore.

Though we initially wanted to roam around the expansive beauty on our own, we were directed to their social hall. As we arrived, members of the B’laan community sat gracefully in front, encouraging everyone to seize the cultural moment by capturing it through photographs.


Amidst this gathering, refreshing blue ternatea drinks were served. While we enjoyed our drinks, we were treated to a mesmerizing dance accompanied by the harmonious tones of their traditional musical instrument.

This was my second encounter with the cultural community, the first being at the Lamlifew Village Museum in Sarangani. There, I gained my initial insights into their culture, traditional attire, way of living, and distinctive dances.

The Blaan people are recognized as one of the major non-Islamic tribal groups in the Southern Philippines. Renowned for their rich cultural heritage, they are distinguished by unique cultural practices and exceptional skills in brassworks, beadwork, and the traditional tabih weave. The name "Blaan" is derived from "bla," meaning "opponent," and "an," meaning "people."


After the awesome cultural show, we went to the grape farm. 

Picking grapes was cool – it was a new experience for me, adding a lot of fun to our visit. After grabbing a few and savoring the taste, we explored the rest of the farm.


The sprawling 3.5-hectare hilly complex is set against a breathtaking backdrop. The scenic beauty, together with the gentle breeze, creates an idyllic setting for relaxation and reflection.

We had a short but enjoyable time strolling through the farm, taking in the views, and finding a quiet spot to soak in the serenity. Each moment felt like a break from the daily hustle.

And even though I lacked sleep and felt tired from the overnight journey from Manila, the charm of the place kept me going, absorbing as much as I could.


Unfortunately, we lacked time, and we had to proceed to our next destination.


On my way back to the parking lot, I couldn't resist the allure of the wooden swings and hammocks, practically calling my name. Not far away, I spotted a campsite, and I found myself envisioning delightful conversations over hot chocolate and s'mores, waking up to glorious mornings surrounded by the peaceful ambiance of the farm.


Later, I learned more about the farm – it doesn't only cultivate grapes but also raspberries, mulberries, strawberries, and dragon fruits. And for those who seek a different adventure, they offer horseback riding. Also, they provide accommodations with prices ranging from 1,200 pesos to 3,000.00 pesos. 


For those eager to explore, the entrance fee is a mere PHP 30.00. Any inquiries can be directed to Telephone: 0949 668 5452 or email:


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