Misty Mornings and Highland Bliss: A Retreat at Montefrio Garden Resort

January 01, 2024 Travel

In Davao del Sur, I discovered another cozy hideaway with a captivating view. 

During our 6-day exploration of the region, we found a charming retreat perched more than 4,000 feet above sea level – Montefrio Garden Resort. This Santorini-inspired haven, nestled in the mountains of Sitio Mainit, Barangay Kapatagan, Digos City, is graced with a breathtaking panorama, a cool mountain climate, and stunning views of Mounts Apo and Matutum. 

Interestingly, 'Montefrio' translates to 'cold mountain,' perfectly encapsulating the refreshing vibe of this getaway.

For two mornings, we were greeted with the gentle caress of misty dawns—a stark contrast to the daily reality for city dwellers like myself, accustomed to waking up to the blare of vehicle horns and occasional sirens in the middle of the night.


Of course, I made sure to rise early in the mornings to witness these captivating shows. After moments of quiet reflection on our private balcony, I took leisurely strolls around the resort to discover its hidden gems. It's easy to see why people love coming here—it's filled with beautiful spots.

As a mountain climbing enthusiast, I walk miles for cool misty mornings and a good cup of coffee while soaking in panoramic views.  That's why I like mountain resorts like Montefrio Garden Resort that offer me the same without the need for extensive effort.


After my walks, I always enjoy breakfast there – undoubtedly the best breakfasts in the highlands of Davao del Sur. It was during these moments that I would catch up with friends, and our tour guide would lay out our final itinerary for the day.


I was in Davao del Sur to participate in the Domestic Tourism Invitational Program, hosted by the Tourism Promotions Board and Davao del Sur Tourism Development and Promotions Office.


We stayed at Montefrio on our second and third nights in the Davao del Sur highlands. And after our day explorations, we were consistently treated to hearty buffet dinners accompanied by acoustic entertainment.


On our first night, amidst myriad offerings like videoke, a hot pool, a pool bar, and a gaming room, the allure of our spacious room with its large comfortable beds proved too irresistible for me. So, after a satisfying dinner and a soothing hot shower, I succumbed and entered dreamland.


During our second night, we discovered Café Frio, where some of us gathered after dinner. It is a charming coffee shop with a good selection of blends and tempting desserts.


Overall, it was a delightful stay—from the enchanting misty mornings to the elevated experience at Café Frio, the comfort of superior rooms, and the array of amenities that defined this mountain retreat. But what truly elevated the experience was the excellent customer service that complemented every aspect of our stay.

As an added bonus, Mts. Apo and Matutum revealed themselves to us just before we checked out.


More about Montefrio


In addition to offering various types of accommodations, Montefrio Garden Resort features an extensive range of amenities, such as function rooms suitable for diverse occasions, open cottages for communal gatherings, and designated areas for tent pitching. 


For reservations and inquiries, interested individuals can reach out to Montefrio Garden Resort at 09190988948 or connect through social media on Instagram @montefrioresort or Facebook via direct message.



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