Romblon's Hidden Gem: Exploring the Beauty of Bonbon Beach and Beyond

January 06, 2024 Travel

Ask me about the most stunning beaches in the Philippines, and Bonbon Beach in Romblon will be at the very top.

I visited Romblon province for the first time last year, marking my 66th province in the Philippines. I accompanied Trails to Empower Kids volunteers on a recon mission for a potential outreach program.


I had high expectations, and everything seemed perfect until a flash flood hit Catingas River Resort. While the other volunteers went to the school, we decided to wait there. At that moment, a mix of emotions surged within me—relief for being alive and a wish for the rest of my stay in Romblon to be uneventful.


Our initial plan after the recon was to explore the renowned Cresta de Gallo. However, because of the weather, my friend suggested we leave Sibuyan Island and explore Romblon Island instead. I agreed and asked for recommendations on tranquil beaches to relax. 


Romblon, the province, comprises Romblon Island, Sibuyan Island, Carabao Island, Tablas Island, and around 15 smaller land masses. 

Sibuyan Island is popular among mountaineers for Mount Guiting-guiting and the picturesque Cresta de Gallo.Tablas Island hosts the airport. My only visit was at night during an unplanned stop on our way to Sibuyan Island from Batangas City Port. We crossed two ports—the ports of Odiongan and San Agustin—to change vessels.


Romblon Island is renowned for its marble industry, earning the title of the Marble Capital of the Philippines. It is also home to hidden gems like Bonbon Beach.


Despite being privately owned, Bonbon Beach is accessible to both tourists and locals. Initially, it was free of charge. However, the owners later implemented a minimal entrance fee to contribute to the preservation of the beach and prevent the accumulation of trash.


Bonbon Beach is situated in Barangay Lonos, less than 5 km from Romblon port. Reaching the beach involves a short walk through trees. However, the first sight of the beach is nothing short of captivating with its fine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

During our visit, we rented an open cottage for cooking and breakfast. While a few open cottages are available, there are no overnight facilities or restaurants, so bringing your own food is essential.


When we got there, we hung our hammocks, enjoyed ice-cold drinks, cooked food, and simply chilled. We didn't want to move anymore, but we remembered our friend suggested we explore the area.

It's good that we pushed ourselves to do that and discovered an even more mesmerizing view.


The sandbar linking Romblon Island to Bang-og Island is one of the most beautiful I've encountered. Though barely visible during our visit, its beauty persisted.

During low tide, you can seamlessly walk between the two islands.


Sharing the beach with only two locals fishing and two foreigners swimming, we practically had the entire stretch to ourselves. We lingered for a while, enduring the scorching heat of the morning sun to capture photos, take a refreshing swim, and simply relish the moment.


We departed before lunch to explore additional spots on the island. Due to an evening trip back to Manila, we could only fit in a few more locations.


We visited Fort San Andres, an ancient Spanish fortress offering a panoramic view of Romblon Island. The journey up was steep but revealed magnificent gardens, statues, and hedges.

The view from the fort

We also went to Romblon Cathedral, a distinguished landmark and National Cultural Treasure. With deep gratitude, we offered a prayer of thanks for the safe journey.


We also embarked on a marble discovery adventure, visiting quarries, small factories, and shops where local artists showcased their skills in crafting impressive marble statues. As my souvenir, I got myself a starfish. This is in addition to the mortar and pestle I got for my mom from the souvenir stalls near the port.


The day before our Bonbon Beach visit, we explored Talipasak Beach, known as San Pedro Beach Resort.


We had a perfect afternoon at Talipasak Beach. We enjoyed snacks from the resort's cafe and lazed away in the hammocks and benches.

We opted to stay at a nearby resort called Robinson’s Cove at Marble Beach.


Our cottage lacked air conditioning, but the stunning view compensated for the heat. The owners' friendliness, coupled with the scenic beauty, made it a memorable stay. Plus, they allowed us to extend our stay for free so we could freshen up before heading back to the port.

As we bid farewell to Romblon Island, I expressed gratitude for the warmth and beauty of our short and eventful visit.

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