A Decade of Love: Celebrating Aeon's Birthday with a SEDA Manila Bay Staycation

April 22, 2024 Travel

As a pet parent, there are milestones that hold a special place in our hearts, and Aeon's 10th birthday is definitely one of them. Aeon, my beloved Shih Tzu, has been a source of joy, companionship, and endless love for the past decade.

We always make sure to celebrate her special day, usually with a trip out of town to the beach. However, this time, we opted for a celebration closer to home, yet still close to the ocean.


We chose to have a staycation at Seda Hotel Manila Bay in Paranaque City. Yes, the newest addition to Seda's roster of hotels is not just human-approved but also pet-friendly.


Our check-in was fast as we had submitted all forms via email a day before, including Aeon’s vaccine record.


SEDA charges a minimal daily rate of 1,000 pesos and, of course, pet owners will be charged for any damage that might be caused by the pet. 


They only accept pets in the suite or above room type. Dogs should be less than 20 lbs, and cats should not weigh more than 15 lbs. Also, only one pet is permitted per room.


Pet owners are advised to bring a leash or carrier, which must be used outside the guest room and when the room is being serviced. Also, pets must not be left alone in the room.


We spent two days and one night in our spacious suite, which had a king-sized bed, a bathtub, and a separate living room.


The highlight was a view of the Manila Bay sunset. We made sure to be in our room to watch the sunset together.

It was such a simple yet amazing moment. We were actually celebrating life in all its forms—joyful milestones, challenges overcome, and the resilience that binds us together. It has also been a year since my hysterectomy.


After sunset, we walked to the Ayala Malls to have dinner together. While Seda Hotel Manila Bay accepts pets in their rooms, they are not allowed in all food and beverage outlets, and in the game room, pool area, playroom, mini-golf, or any area designated by the hotel.


That is really not a worry because Ayala Malls is nearby and has a good number of dining options.


After dinner, we went around the mall, looked at the shops, and enjoyed the evening. By the time we got back to our hotel room, we were ready to sleep, of course after saying our evening prayers.

The following day, my mom and I took turns had breakfast at the free buffet that came with our room. We both loved the selection. Although we did not have breakfast at the same time, we chose almost the same dishes, except I had taho, which my mom didn’t see.


I napped again after breakfast. That is what vacation is all about, right? While my mom watched some television. Our room had two big screens.

We checked out by 11:00 AM, and by lunchtime, we were already back home, with plenty of time to prepare for a bigger celebration with the rest of the family.


Throughout our stay, the staff at Seda Hotel Manila Bay were all kind and warm, adding to the pleasant experience of our celebration. I'm sure Aeon enjoyed our staycation too. She ran around our room, slept a lot, and ate a lot, clearly relishing the change of scenery and the pampering she received during our memorable staycation.

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