Work & Fun at Tambuli Seaside Resort & Spa

April 21, 2024 Travel

I recently had a work gig at Tambuli Seaside Resort & Spa, and let me tell you, it was mind-blowing! 

I was part of the team that launched a 1,100-Key Pullman Mactan Cebu Hotel & Residences. This partnership between Accor, the world’s leading hospitality group, and Tytans Properties Development, which owns Tambuli Seaside Resort & Spa, is groundbreaking. It is set to become the world’s largest Pullman property.

Photo from Tytans Properties Development


But what truly impressed me was Tambuli's vibe. It's the kind of place that makes you forget you're working and feel like you're on vacation, with beachy blues, lush greens, and white walls.

The Resort


Tambuli Seaside Resort & Spa is located on Buyong Road, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, just 30 minutes away from the Mactan Cebu International Airport.


The 4-hectare property is part of the 11-hectare Tambuli Seaside Living, a premium residential-resort development by Tytans Properties Development Inc., which will eventually also be the home of Pullman Mactan Cebu Hotel and Residences.


It used to be Tambuli Beach Club, an institution in Mactan. I have faint memories of coming here before, and I no longer remember much, especially now that it has upgraded to a luxurious resort.


I learned that they took great care during construction to save the trees, and this led to a design that follows the curvature of the trees, creating a seamless integration with the verdant surroundings.


Upon our arrival, I was immediately captivated by the vastness of the space and the uninterrupted vista from the lobby all the way to the beachfront.

Since we arrived early in the afternoon, we wasted no time in heading to Cafe Hojas for a late lunch, which also served as our breakfast spot the next morning. The restaurant serve local food and offers buffet options and à la carte selections, with a view of the pool and garden.


We were accommodated in an incredibly spacious studio that not only met all our needs but exceeded them. The room even had a washing machine, although we didn't have the chance to use it since our stay was only for one night. We also had a small balcony that offered a lovely view of the property.


In between meetings in preparation for our event and checking the setup of our press launch, I had the chance to go around the resort. Unfortunately, there was no time to swim.


The beachfront is spacious and can hold social events and parties. There are trees all around to make it more comfortable to hang out during the day. I also got to see the exteriors of the spa, which is still under construction. I think this will be a future highlight of the property, as greens extend from the garden to the inclined roof, making it seamless.


I'm not sure how many pools there were, but what I can say is that there's ample space for many guests.


The whole resort is designed to maximize natural elements without sacrificing functionality, thus minimizing the resort's impact on its surroundings.


Our dinner reception was at Caverna Restaurant, right by the beach. We had delicious barbecued meat and seafood, along with lechon cooked in a Peking duck style and other tasty dishes prepared by the resort's talented chefs.


The other food and beverage outlet of the resort is Pugon, the resort’s pizza parlor.


Our press launch


More than half of our guests were from Manila, so we prepared an event that would give them a flavor of Cebu.


They were welcomed by the drum beats of Marian Brothers. We also had an exhibit set up in the hallway, featuring small businesses and social enterprises that are already partners with Tambuli Seaside Resort & Spa and would most likely be a part of the future Pullman Mactan Cebu Hotel and Residences.


We had Budeli delicacies, Sadagat Maize Cold Brew, The Chocolate Chamber, Farmer Bing Cebu’s Real Fruit Ice Cream, Guitar Master, San Remigio Native Basket Industry, Zai Design Hive, Hinablon Sa Cebu, Sacks & Stuff, and Queseo de Compostela.

We opened the press launch with Sinulog dances performed by Sundayag Entertainment. Sinulog is Cebu’s very popular street fest. We also had a Sinulog Queen, Lapu-Lapu City’s Tourism Ambassadress and a member of the Tambuli family, Ms. Ma. Jannel Aton.


After that, we had speeches from C9 Hotelworks' Managing Director Bill Barnett, who briefed our guests about Branded Residences. Pullman Mactan Cebu Hotel and Residences are also set to be the largest branded residences project in the Philippines.


Accor Chief Development Officer Asia Andrew Langdon and Tytans Properties Development Chairman Gerard Tan also explained the project to our guests.


Pullman Mactan Cebu Hotel and Residences will feature 200 stylish guest rooms and suites alongside 900 branded residences. It will consist of three towers, each topped with a penthouse. Guests and residents will enjoy state-of-the-art amenities and full-service facilities, including world-class restaurants, contemporary lounges, collaborative leisure zones, and forward-thinking corporate spaces.


Construction is scheduled to commence in 2025, and they will welcome their first guests in 2028.


After the introductions, we toasted to mark the beginning of this landmark partnership and project launch. We ended with a question and answer session, as all press conferences do.

We led them next to the adjacent room for lunch, which of course had lechon, a must-have when in Cebu.


After the event, some of our guests had one-on-one interviews. Then, by afternoon, we proceeded to the airport to catch our flight back to Manila.


And that sums up my experience at Tambuli Seaside Resort & Spa, and I'm eagerly anticipating a future stay focused solely on relaxation."


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