Finding the biggest tree in Asia

April 24, 2011 Travel

Growing up, I heard of different versions of stories of fairies and other beings living inside a tree. So, I wondered how it looks inside. Well, this may not be what the stories describe, but I got to experience going inside the tree

This is what it looks like inside Asia's biggest Banyan Tree. Guests can go inside the tree and the more adventurous can try climbing its roots all the way to the top.

This tree is located in Barangay Quirino in Ma. Aurora. This is about 60 meters tall and 600+ years old. In a recent television feature, it took 38 adults to encircle the tree with their arms extended. 
This is definitely much bigger than that of Kanlaon. I have yet to see what we have in San Carlos City. That will be Big Tree #3.

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