The Caliraya-Lumot Watershed Area

June 22, 2011 Voluntourism

Our group, SABIT Mountaineers, tied up with the Caliraya-Lumot Watershed Area team for our 6th anniversary program. Since we are celebrating 6 years of great adventures, we decided it is time once again to give back and we chose to plant trees.

We were assisted during our recon by Vince Concio of the National Power Corporation - Caliraya Lumot Watershed Team (NPC-CLWAT). During that time, a group from Hitachi was also conducting their own tree-planting.

NPC-CLWAT, under Republic Act No. 6395 and Executive Order No. 244 is the government agency tasked to care for the area. Caliraya and Lumot are man-made lakes created for power generation.

Aside from that, the group coordinates with the residents of the area for the protection of the environment. Vince sees tree planting activities help locals realize the importance of the environment.

There are several programs being implemented here -- the watershed rehabilitation program, the watershed protection and conservation program, various institutional arrangements, and awareness and livelihood programs. The tree planting activities go under the watershed rehabilitation program.

To take care of the trees, they also established a group called "Sagip Kalikasan Volunteers" to prevent illegal activities like kaingin (slash and burn farming).

Using Native Species

One of the important things emphasized by Vince to the participants of the tree planting program is that they are not only filling the earth with trees, they also help in biodiversity conservation.

One of the things the group Haribon is advocating is the use of native species in tree planting. Introducing new species like mahogany, Gmelina, Acasia sp. falcate and eucalyptus endanger the biodiversity of the environment. 

Haribon, by the way, referred us to the group of Vince.

Sabit's tree planting program

The group's tree planting program is scheduled on June 25. Participants are encouraged to donate Php 100.00 for the seedlings, which includes land preparation and maintenance. As of writing, there are already pledges for 75 seedlings. Yey!

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