TREK Relief Opp: New Partnership

November 09, 2012 Voluntourism

Once again, the country faced the onslaught of a calamity that put the endurance of the Filipino people to the test. A relentless eight-day period of intense rain resulted in widespread flooding, particularly in much of Metro Manila. It was a disheartening yet familiar scene for many.

In response to the crisis, the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines swiftly activated its extensive network, collaborating with various mountaineering groups. Among them were Trails to Empower Kids and For the Road, a watering hole in Pioneer owned and frequented by dedicated mountaineers. The collective effort aimed to provide much-needed relief to those affected by the calamity, demonstrating the resilience and unity of the mountaineering community in times of adversity.

Packing session at For the Road

Busy packers
Delivering the goods

With just one call for help posted on Facebook, the mountaineering community swiftly rallied at For the Road, bringing in their donations and actively participating in the repacking efforts. Notably, TREK donors and volunteers were present, demonstrating the solidarity within the mountaineering community.

I often tell my friends that one of the reasons I'm proud to be part of this chosen sport is that mountaineers are inherently good and reliable individuals. On that particular day, witnessing the outpouring of support, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride because, in times of need, mountaineers become heroes.

The relief efforts spanned two days. The initial day was dedicated to repacking at For the Road, with a selected group tasked with delivering the goods the following day to Rizal, an area still heavily affected by flooding. I joined this group and witnessed firsthand how crucial the relief goods were. Fortunately, we had rubber boats ready, enabling us to complete the delivery over the course of the entire day.

Simultaneously, another group led by Outdoor Addicts and Aduana Mountaineers ventured to evacuation sites, distributing hot meals and organizing games to bring moments of joy to those affected.

Following the relief distribution, the group gathered for dinner, providing an opportunity for each participant to share their experiences. Gratitude filled the air as everyone expressed thanks for the chance to serve and make a positive impact in the midst of adversity.

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