Exploring Cam Norte

March 20, 2013 Travel

Daet usually is just a jump off point for us, to and from Calaguas.  Bagasbas is the place where we freshen up before we head back to the city and the only other place we go to is the shop that sells toasted siopao.

Anyway, Calaguas was not on our itinerary.  We were there to celebrate two special occasions, a 65th birthday cum retirement party and another birthday celebration.

So, the good thing about traveling with fellow wanderlusts is that we all like to explore.

Our host booked us in a resort in Bagasbas, directly in front of the beach, so we were not sun and sand deprived.

But, we still decided to tour.

The first place we visited is Pulang Daga, which translates to Red Land.

Pulang Daga is located in the gold-rich town of Paracale in Camarines Norte.  Paracale happens to be another jump-off point to Calaguas.

So, anyway, in terms of sand quality, it really doesn't lag much behind Calaguas.  It is less powdery but it is not really bad.

We rented a small cottage with a room on its 2nd floor.

The resort also has a spacious comfort room.  Water is not available inside the comfort room so guests must get water from a nearby water pump. Pails, however, are provided.

There's also a small sari sari store inside.  Other than that, the only other sign of civilization that can also be a bit annoying is the videoke.  

Anyway, we can't hear the singing on the beach so we just decided to enjoy our afternoon, not swimming as the waves were too high, but playing or rather battling the waves.  

The following day, we went to the Mampurog River.

I'm a big fan of beaches, but sometimes rivers are better respites.  Just think of cool water, hydro massages and greens surrounding us.  

Mampurog is located in the town of San Lorenzo Ruiz.

There are also cottages available and clean restrooms.  Unlike Pulang Daga though, there is no store inside the resort.

Guests also have to trek a little.

These sum up my fabulous weekend with friends from Outdoor Addicts and Aduana Mountaineers, plus toasted siopao, seafood feast and a hawaiian inspired birthday celebration.  

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