Riding an Airplane in the time of disability

April 14, 2014 Travel

This is what I posted on my Instagram account:

Last December, I had an accident in Kabayan, Benguet, resulting in a severe fracture of my left leg. Two months later, after discovering a dislodged screw, I underwent a second operation. While being cautious, staying home throughout the recovery period wasn't an option. Dealing with the frustrations was more challenging than the pain or inability to walk.

To break away from the monotonous routine and start living again, I booked a ticket for my mom and me to Silay City, with San Carlos City as our final destination. I also wanted to visit my mom's hometown so my grandparents could see me and ease their worries.

Since my mom and I rarely traveled together, this became a bonding experience for us.

Travel Preparation:

I chose Philippine Airlines for the better chances of using a tube to the plane. I was still adjusting to using crutches and unsure about climbing stairs. Days before our departure, I called the airline to ensure I could borrow a wheelchair. Walking with crutches was painful and tiring.


On the day of our flight, as soon as airport security saw me walking with crutches, he immediately called for assistance. I didn't have to call the Philippine Airlines assistance desk or show any proof of prior arrangements. I was immediately assisted from check-in to boarding. PWDs are the first to board and the last to leave an aircraft.

During our vacation, airport personnel provided VIP treatment, assisting us from check-in to boarding, and even helping with baggage claim.

Return Flight:

After our vacation, airport personnel produced wheelchairs for me and my grandmother. PWDs are prioritized during check-in, and we were the first to board. Stairs were attached to the plane, but they brought in a special wheelchair with a lift, solving the stairs problem. The attendant ensured a smooth transfer to the airport.

In June, I'll be flying with Cebu Pacific Air and AirAsia, hoping for a different experience. With God's grace, I believe I'll be able to walk. Amen!

Overall, I had a pleasant travel experience thanks to the airport personnel and Philippine Airlines.

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