Connecting with Nature Through Crystals

June 02, 2021 Travel Notes

For people like me who travel a lot, cabin fever hits hard during quarantine. It has been more than a year now since our first strict stay-at-home orders. Aside from comforting my wanderlust with old travel photos, I got hooked on a hobby that connects me to the outside world: collecting crystals and stones. 

Nature has always soothed me, which is one of the reasons I am always at the beach or in the mountains. Crystals and stones help me stay attune with nature now while I'm on lockdown.


This is the reason why I am drawn to green and blue crystals and stones. 


Green crystals and stones symbolize the abundance of nature. I have an aventurine, the stone of opportunity; unakite, which carries the Carpe Diem spirit; and a green moonstone, which symbolizes mystery, magic and feminine goddess energy. 


Blue crystals, the embodiment of the sea and sky energies, bring clarity, just like spending a weekend in a remote islands. These near precious gems are also good for communicators like me because they represent clear communication and the honest expression. 


Some of my blue and green crystals and stones on a marble shell

I have a kyanite, which encourages self-expression; amazonite, the stone of peace, truth and communication; turquoises, which are associated with connections to the spiritual world; lapis lazulis, the universal symbol of wisdom and truth; angelites, which promote a spiritual communication with the angels; blue lace agates, a nurturing and supportive stone and a powerful throat healer; blue fluorites, which assists in creative visualization; blue apatites, which clears away confusion, apathy and negativity; and blue calcites, which connects with intellectual and emotional capabilities. 


I recently added an aquamarine, which evokes the relaxation of the sea; and a larimar, believed to have the power to tap into ancient energy of a society like the mythical Atlantis. 


Aside from colors, I am also lured by the patterns of the crystals and stones.


I keep a collection of ocean jaspers and I am saving up for more green moss agates, Caribbean calcites and sakura agates. I also have recently acquired coral jades and picture jaspers.

These stones have colors and patterns that remind me of the wonders of nature.


Ocean jaspers are multicolored stones with circular or orb patterns. These are excellent healing stones that encourage a feeling of joy, happiness and elevated spirits. These stones are known as a source of tranquility similar to the shores where it is found.

My little planet. An ocean jasper sphere from Shopee's ViaVia Crystals

An ocean jasper flame from IG's Plants and Crystals

Another ocean jasper sphere. This is from Shopee's Energy100

Green moss agate, the stone of gardeners and agriculture, has greenish filaments that resemble moss. It has many benefits like helping improve decision-making and resolving disputes. They remind me of the mossy forests of Mts. Pulag and Talinis for their otherworldly and ethereal feels.

Moss agate heart from Shopee's Bocrystals

Caribbean Calcite, named after light Caribbean ocean blue color, invokes a calm, serene energy. It lessen anxieties. It also accelerates spiritual growth, learning and development. Staring at them is  like staring at the crystal-clear waters of Philippine beaches.

My caribbean calcite sphere takes me back to the beach. This is from Shopee's Bocrystals

Little Caribbean calcite tower from Shopee's Healing Crystals.

Sakura Agates has flower-like plumes and comes in different colors. The stone encourages self-growth and it also aids in manifesting & nurturing dreams.

Little sakura agate tower from Shopee's Energy100

Coral jades are stones formed by ancient corals with floral-like patterns. These have been used by sailors for smooth sea journey and protection against bad weather. I'm definitely wearing these on my next sea adventure.

Coral jade pendants and bracelets from Shopee's ViaVia Crystals

Picture jaspers have landscape patterns from nature, which they say contain hidden messages from the past. These are like little paintings.

Picture jasper from Shopee's Lucrystals

A lot of times, acquiring crystals is like acquiring artworks, except these are masterpieces by God Himself.


I collect different forms. I started with wearables like bracelets. Since I like the comfort crystals give when I hold them, I also bought a lot of tumbles and palm stones. I usually hold one during meetings and presentations. 

Moss agate, ocean jasper, and coral jade tumbles from All Everything Crystals

When I see towers I like, I also get them. I also have spheres, and I wish I have more. I have a flame and lots of raw stones and slabs. My biggest collection in terms of numbers is hearts. I am looking at pendants and carvings now. I started with a cute dog made from Dalmatian jasper, being a fur mom myself.

My biggest collection

I learned that different shapes of crystals have different usage and energy output.


I keep all of these on my work desk, where I also spend a lot of time daydreaming, planning my future and writing.


All of these crystals and stones have been sourced from sellers from Instagram and Shopee. I actually spend a lot of time watching sellers showcase their crystals live.


I get to see sellers from China, thanks to the wonders of technology, go to different shops in crystal malls and the stalls in the crystal open markets. They even take us to see local spots and food market sometimes.


I really can’t wait for lockdown to be lifted and for borders to open. Nothing really beats personally shopping for these beauties. 


My love for crystals is actually rooted on my love for travel. 


My very first crystal bracelet was commissioned after my mountain climbing accident in 2013. I told the feng-shui master I needed a bracelet for protection, health and for luck.


After that, whenever I travel, I always include crystal bracelets in my list of must souvenirs. 


I have agates, carnelian, lapiz lazuli and turquoise bracelet bought from a refugee market in the markets of Leh in Ladakh, India. I have jades I bought from Shilin Night Market and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan.

Crystal bracelets from Ladakh, India

Of course here in Metro Manila, I always keep an eye on crystal shops and stalls whenever I go out to shop.


There are also crystals I keep for traveling. I have an amethyst, which is traditionally used for protecting travelers against thieves; moonstones, a healing stone if traveling, smoky quartz, a crystal for absorbing negative energy, and of course, my rose quartz, the crystal of love.  


Babies are ready to travel anytime. But for now, I'm stay-at-home and staying happy with my crystals.

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