Hapag Vicentico

April 19, 2014 Travel

If I were to list my Top 10 Restaurants, this will definitely be on the list.

I like restaurants with nice ambiance because it adds up to a memorable dining experience. Of course, food should be good and service must be impeccable. That is the reason why I absolutely love Hapag Vicentico.

The Restaurant

According to its website, the restaurant was once an abandoned old residence.

I was in Cabanatuan for two days to attend a client's event. So, I had the chance to visit the restaurant three times. The entrance to the dining areas were filled with curios, which actually reminded me of the old Cafe Juanita in Pasig and Fat Michael in Makati. If I was not hungry or too filled after, I would have spent much time photographing every nook.

During our 2nd visit, the restaurant had an event but they were kind enough to set up a table for us in the garden area after our pleading.

The Food

The deconstructed Karekare is heavenly. It is so crispy and as soon as the fat melts in my mouth, I forget that I should be dieting. I think this is a must.

We also tried their other dishes.

They are all good and well-presented but fades in comparison with the Karekare. That Karekare is to die for.

Go visit!

Since it is summer and people are heading out to Aurora, Hapag Vicentico can be part of the itinerary. It is the perfect detour.

Hapag Vicentico (www.vicenticos.com) is located at 1077 Del Pilar Street, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

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